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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Halloween 2009

Is it Hannah Montana or Haylee? Is it a pink ballerina or Alexa? And who is the rooster??? We also found a chicken and a camo girl.... We had such fun at Halloween. Haylee is a bit obsessed with Hannah, and Alexa was determined to be a ballerina. So what should a mom do, but find the appropriate costumes. Noah doesn't care what he is, but I have this costume from Haylee's earlier days. Every year the elementary teachers host a Halloween Party/Costume Parade at the school for everyone to attend. As you can see, Noah wanted to be in the action too. The chicken is McKenna Doetker; after her mom and talked about the costumes, we knew we had to get them together for a photo shoot. So, cute, we hope it doesn't spill over to junior high love!!! And the camo girl is my niece Madison who would never miss time to hang out with cousins and "Trick or Treat" for all the goodies.

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