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Sunday, October 7, 2007

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Alexa's 3rd Bday

More Initial Construction

Here are the photos of the trusses and the bits of the old addition coming down to reveal the new house. I remember the cold January day that the crane arrived it was a gorgeous morning and by noon it was snowing. The crane couldn't make it up the drive. By evening we had at least 6 inches on the ground. It is really amazing to look back at these now and see how far the house has come. The photos are from top: north side; up close of the old addition without the roof and about to come down; and 3 from the north.

Initial Construction

Once the foundation was set, the conractors began the decking and outer walls of the house. Photos from top are: looking at garage and office from the west; looking at master from the south; looking at south side of garage & master; decking on the north side of house which will be the kitchen & dining; and looking at the laundry & office from the north. We will eventually take off the old addition you see in the last photo to incorporate the new to the old.

Mud Fun

Just having fun in the mud after a huge rain.

House Foundation

Here are some photos of the foundation process. We hired Derek's cousins husband, Kent Gerih of Gerih Concrete to do the work. As you can see we are adding on quite a bit to the house. The photos are from top: northwest corner (to be office & laundry); west side (garage); another garage photo; and from the south (master).We will also add out to the front (north) of the house. And put on a kitchen and dining area too on the northeast corner. We will be taking off the old addition which was the old kitchen. Those who saw the house before couldn't imagine such a large kitchen, but it wasn't functional. So we were able to see through it and have a vision for our new home.

Baby Noah's Arrival

Here are some very proud sisters of their new baby brother, Noah Ross Sandman. He arrived a few weeks early on March 12, 2007. After 2 days of labor, he came emergency c-section. Therefore, Mom is still in the recovery room. Noah is truly blessed to have doting sisters that never leave him alone. He loves every bit of the action!!

Feedlot Kittens

We love kittens. The Mama kitty at the feedlot had 6 little kittens. We couldn't make enough trips each day to see them. They have since grown up and are wilder then snot!!

Happy Halloween 2006

Here are Halloween photos of the girls with their cousin Lanie (Tinkerbell). They were horsing around at Grammie's House. Haylee (pink Sleeping Beauty) & Alexa (blue Cinderellya) enjoyed being princesses.

House Demolition

Here is the inside demolition project (what a huge mess). As you can see, Haylee and Alexa are wondering what we got ourselves into?? It is hard to see the end result through this mess. We completely gutted the house down to the 2x4's. The photos at top: old bathroom looking south; old kitchen looking east; living room looking north; living/dining into old bedroom looking south.

Our House Project

This is the beginning of our huge project to remodel an old farm house. It doesn't look like much, but over the course of 10 months, it became a reality. Of course we still have several things to do, but they are little things. The photos from top: west side, south side, southeast side, & north side. How cute is Alexa waiting for the concrete guys to do their work?