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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Inside Construction

Here you see lots of 2 x 4's that will soon be walls. I'll do my best to recall what these were and what they will be when complete. The top photo is of the kitchen; then the basement (which had a fireplace in it that didn't draft well at all and that will be a storage room with HVAC; next is a photo of the dining room bay window; followed by a photo of Noah's Room (on the right w/ window) and to the left is the pantry, you can also see the stairs going up, but none going down yet because those have to be cut first; and then the last photo is of the main bath looking through the girls closet.

Pink House

For a long time, we were known as the pink house. It seemed to never change. We thought that the siding should go on as soon as the pink happened, but I guess we don't know much about building. So our home remained pink until August!! This really wasn't funny. Because so many referred to our home as the "pink house" that no one thought any progress was happening. There was always something happening on the inside, you just couldn't see it from the outside. How sad it was that when we were expecting deliveries for the house we would tell the drivers to look for the pink house :-(