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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

More illness?? Please NO...

On the 10th of February, we had Noah dedicated and enjoyed a wonderful family gathering afterwards. By this time, Haylee was continually coughing her brains out. Then on the 12th, I took Noah to McCook by 7 a.m. MT to have the tubes inserted into his ears. I am thinking, great, things will get better now!! Well, Derek and I take off for our vacation (the first in four years) on the 13th and the kids are all coughing, but I was sure that it was just the common stuff going around. Well by that afternoon, Haylee and Alexa had vomitted and Noah was still running from the nose and ears! This is not the ideal situation for the grandparents. And not probably the best time to be on vacation, but what can you do? You had booked this months in advance and who knew that the kids would get the junk again?? Only this time to find out that all THREE have ear infections. Haylee's was the worst, followed by Alexa and then Noah. Bless my parents for taking all three to McCook to see the pediatrician and get some answers. After a couple of days on antibiotic the girls were better. Noah was still very sick. So we decided to lay very low for the remainder of the weekend and on Monday Noah was still very ill. So after a couple of phone calls to the pediatrician; she prescibed an oral antibiotic in addition to the ear drops that Noah was already taken. She said that we should see an improvement within three days (I sure hope so). Oh, I also failed to mention that Derek was sick the entire time we were on vacation and he thought he had ear infection too. So, off to the clinic on Monday for him; and yes, he had it too. I am continually praying that I will be spared so that I can continue to take care of all my sick ones. Therefore, we are not going anywhere this entire week to insure that we can be well. So, to the sadness of the girls, that means no preschool, AWANA or MOPs this week. And we love everyone of those activities. But I figure that if we can't get well, how can we stop spreading all the junk??? I hope everyone else is staying healthy.