Welcome to the crazy life of the Sandman's. We hope you will enjoy the journey of our life as shown in photos. We are continually updating this and are learning how this works. Let us know what you think!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Look at the Sandman Family

This past Thanksgiving, Grammie wanted a photo of all her grandkids. So, we tried to get everyone to hold still and smile, but the sun was toooooo bright and everyone was tired from a long holiday weekend of playing and catching ailments. So, here is what was captured during 15
minutes of photo time. We love those Huskers!!!! Go BIG RED!!!

Bronco Cheer Camp 2009

Each year the WP cheerleaders host a day cheer camp for the elementary girls to learn cheers and a routine that they will perform at half-time of a basketball game. This year the girls got a set of poms and new t-shirts. It was so fun to watch the girls perform and show a little attitude during half-time.

Alexa's 6th Birthday

My baby is growing up!!! Alexa turned 6 on December 3rd and we enjoyed lots of cake!!! She is the biggest cake eater and loves Pooh. Alexa enjoyed having a friends party and a family party. Lots of gifts too. She can never get enough partying!!!!!!

Huge Snow Storm of 2009 (not the only)

I took a few moments before I scooped the walks to capture these photos of the major snow storm that hit before Halloween and delayed everything for a couple of days. The huge drift in the back was the hardest and heaviest to scoop. My pumpkins were not excited about the wintery weather. Not to mention that the farmers needed to harvest their corn. One of many setbacks this past year related to the weather.

Halloween 2009

Is it Hannah Montana or Haylee? Is it a pink ballerina or Alexa? And who is the rooster??? We also found a chicken and a camo girl.... We had such fun at Halloween. Haylee is a bit obsessed with Hannah, and Alexa was determined to be a ballerina. So what should a mom do, but find the appropriate costumes. Noah doesn't care what he is, but I have this costume from Haylee's earlier days. Every year the elementary teachers host a Halloween Party/Costume Parade at the school for everyone to attend. As you can see, Noah wanted to be in the action too. The chicken is McKenna Doetker; after her mom and talked about the costumes, we knew we had to get them together for a photo shoot. So, cute, we hope it doesn't spill over to junior high love!!! And the camo girl is my niece Madison who would never miss time to hang out with cousins and "Trick or Treat" for all the goodies.

Halloween Pumpkin Patches 2009

Here are a few random photos taken from Cox Pumpkin Patch and the Wright Pumpkin Patch too. The cousins always have fun together and we are never at a loss for humor. There is a neat photo of the Cox car that made an appearance at the patch "Uncle" something they named it; very humorous to watch and quite creative too.

Haylee Turns 7

It is hard to believe that Haylee Elizabeth turned 7 on October 15th. She enjoyed lots of fun with friends and family. We were blessed to have lots of cake to eat and laughs to share. I was brave and hosted a friend party full of 1st graders and a craft even. I have no idea if the Halloween bracelets made it past that party day. But they were lots of fun to create and string.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Boys will be Boys (so they say)

Seriously, it was a crazy day with MOPS and making jam and trying to catch a nap since I started the day with a migraine. Well Noah is always a bundle of fun and ingenuity, so to speak. I found more things today that made me go "Huh??" and "Seriously!" It began with Noah taking a trip out to the garage and back into the house holding two eggs. He said, "eggs, Mommy." I said, "did you break any?" Noah replied, "yep." I was so mad!!! And sure enough, there were three broken eggs trailing out of the carton up the stairs into the house and the fridge door was wide open! So after scrubbing the garage floor and stairs I came in to start dinner.

Well, it wasn't long when I heard Alexa scream from the toy room, "Mommy, Noah peed in my doll house!" I said, "what? He peed?" "Yes, in my doll house," Alexa replied. Now, Noah is potty trained and knows better than that, so I scolded him and swatted his hinny and he went crying down the stairs. I gathered up the "lil green" machine and headed up to the toy room to clean up the mess. It appeared that he stood in front of the doll house and peed, but actually he peed in the teeny tiny potty that is furniture for the doll house. The doll house toilet was overflowing!!! I was still upset, but had to chuckle at the fact that Noah thought of this all on his OWN!!! So, tomorrow will be a better day, I hope, and Noah is going to the sitter!! Maybe I can actually get some work done in the office. My life is certainly touched in many different aspects as watching a little boy grow up enjoying all of life's offerings...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Garage Door Scare

I think I finally figured out why I couldn't upload this hilarious video for all of you to see...I needed a faster DSL, so I am trying it out for a couple of days. I hope that you enjoy this video. I had previously tried to upload it, but no avail. The story goes like this...There was a period there when Noah always wanted to be like Daddy, with the boot, and hat. One evening after bathtime, Noah toddled out to the garage and Haylee was close behind to help keep an eye on him. Just in time for Derek to come home and scare the pj's right off of her.

Friday, August 21, 2009

First Day of the 2009-2010 School Year

School commenced Tuesday and both girls are so excited about school this year. I am pleased to report that Haylee is in first and Alexa is in kindergarten. They barely had enough time to turn around for the photo.