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Monday, June 29, 2009

Spring 2009 Concert

Here are some photos of Haylee's spring concert and the production of the "Three Pigs Opera". It was so cute to see the growth of the Kindergarten class and how much they have matured in just a few months of school. Haylee was the pig that built the brick house and her pig sisters are Maycee and Kendra (her good friends). The boys were the wolves. Haylee is really blessed to have such a great class of kids for her friends.

Alexa Graduates from Preschool 2009

This entire year Alexa has been ready for Kindergarten, but we told her that she couldn't go to Kindergarten until she completed Preschool. Here are some photos from Graduation night. During the program each class sings songs with the actions and sometimes sign language too. Each child receives a folder with various writings, stories, pictures and crafts to commemorate the year. This is a nice tool for Mom's especially when deciding what to keep from year to year. Alexa is definately ready for Kindergarten to begin in August (goodness, less than two months away!).