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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Noah the Monkey

Pretty much every day, Noah finds the time to scale the chairs and RUN on the counter in the kitchen. At first it was semi-cute, but has since become a nuisance. As you can tell from the photos, he loves to play in ANYTHING and stops at NOTHING!! Not even the kitchen sink with pan soaking, this becomes the swimming pool for toddlers. The usual track for the countertop is...up the chair, sit on the breakfast bar, then jump up and down and scream. Then off to the coffee pot where he checks the grounds and comments, Whhh (blowing at the pot noting that it is HOT). Then he stops to check the flour and sugar and mix them together for a nice blend of baking ingredients. Next is the sink, he pulls out he faucet and runs in place in the sink. He definitely takes time to look out the window and see what jewelry he might find on the window sill to try on or rearrange...Then he is off to the cookie cabinet above the appliance garage to have a snack of coffee cookies that he leaves half eaten and smeared everywhere. Now he notices that he is close to the really fun cupboard...THE SPICES!!! Yippee, Noah must try to open each bottle regardless of size and the ground cloves steal the cake because he opens it and pours it EVERYWHERE!! Then across the stove to the cupboard with PAM, baking chocolate and seasoning packets. By this time, he is busted by his older sisters and I have run from one end of the house to the other to discover the messes he has created. That is why I have named Noah, the Monkey. He will climb anything and finds mischief wherever his is. And of course it is all innocent the first time or two, but not the 9th or 10th. I will say that my vacuum smells very clovey now. Thanks Noah, you rock my world and never ever cease to amaze any of US!!

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