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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Drywall Action

Here are more photos of the house in process or progress. There is one photo of the contractor mudding the kitchen. This is the process that takes so long because mudding is an art and you have to do things just right or you can have goofs. We did run into some goofs when the mudding would start from one end of the seam to the other and before the contractor could get back to the starting end, the mud was drying. So we experimented with new mud to get the right drying time. You'll notice that the next few posts will not have as many photos because I was busy taking care of Noah and it seemed to be challenging to get photos before he would start crying because we weren't paying attention to him. The photos are from the top: the girls toy room looking to the south (this is the room that I did the most demolition because I pulled down all the closets and little tile ceiling and the paneling from the walls too. The girls loved this because they got to help pitch things out the window and watch it fall to the ground--pretty cool!); the toy room looking to the north; the kitchen under mudding; and the dining area.