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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Too Many Ear Infections!

YIKES, Noah just completed his 5th ear infection and upon seeing the ENT today, he still has fluid in his ears! I realized that we don't go to daycare or have children in school yet. So how can Noah have so many ear infections? Well according to the doctor, I have my own daycare at home! I should have known this since there are 3 of them running around. Noah is completely miserable and needs to be held all the time. The doctor says that he will be even more mobile after tubes than he is right now. I don't think this is possible since he is by far the busiest of them all at this stage in babyhood. But, I'll believe the doctor and go with him on this one. I did ask if we could please get the 3rd surgery free (he didn't find this as funny as me). After all, Haylee and Alexa had their tonsils out :-) I thought it was a great question. At any level, Noah is not a happy camper because of this fluid so he will be getting tubes in two weeks. I am praying that he won't have any more infections between now and then. But just in case, the doctor gave us antibiotic to get us through.