Welcome to the crazy life of the Sandman's. We hope you will enjoy the journey of our life as shown in photos. We are continually updating this and are learning how this works. Let us know what you think!!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Haylee turned 5!!!

Noah @ 6 Months w/ Sisters

Good Bye Kody

It was a bit of a sad day at the Sandman's on Wednesday, the 24th, because my dog of 10 years had to be put down. She was becoming more and more sick and doing things in the house that would make several of you vomit (so I won't share!!). But she wasn't the same old Kody she was just two years earlier. She was beginning to be so grumpy and growly that I didn't know who would be safe around her. After taking the girls to preschool, I came back home and loaded Kody for her final trip to the clinic (which was never her favorite anyway). And I was very strong, I didn't cry or sob; I just said good bye and we'll meet again someday. I did really well until on our way home from preschool: (this was the part that nearly broke my heart)
Alexa: How did Kody's visit go at the doctor's office?
Mom: Well, Kody is very sick and isn't going to get better.
Alexa: Did she die? (this is coming from a 3 year old!)
Mom: Yes, she did because she wasn't going to get better.
Haylee: (sobbing her eyes out!) I miss Kody and I want her back.
Mom: I miss Kody too, but she is in Heaven now and will be healthy and her playful self.
Alexa: (crying because her sister is) I miss Kody too!!
Mom: I promise that someday soon (a couple of years) we'll get another dog.
Haylee: I want a Ricki dog (this is a miniature daschund like my parents have)
Alexa: Me too.
Mom: Well, you'll have to tell Daddy about this and see what he says. (Derek doesn't like small dogs)

As you can imagine this have been the topic of the rest of the week. And if you'd like to read a great book, check out "Marley & Me". It is a great story about a neurotic dog and his life. It is full of ab hurting laughter.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Drywall Construction

Finally it looks like there is progress when the rock goes up!! The girls had so much fun looking at the changes each day and loved that their room was nearing completion (a little closer anyway). A little story about their room; there was fire place in the basement and the previous owners added a huge (larger than a closet) space to the outside for a chimney and just decided to paint the window rather than taking it out and covering it with drywall. There was a tiny little pipe in there when the window broke during demolition. I was totally amazed at all the space. Well needless to say their chimney wasn't tall enough and the house would fill with smoke because of the lack of draw. So rather than take it off we incorporated it into the girls room as a sitting area. It really did give the room a neat look. You're looking at from top: The girls room; Haylee & Alexa standing in Noah's closet; the girls sitting area in their room with drywall needing to be cut and lots of insulation; the huge wall in the great room; & another photo of the great room looking towards the hallway to the laundry & office and Alexa is headed towards the garage.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

More Inside Construction

This is the part that goes pretty fast because every day we could see progress. Whether it was getting some of the old out or watching new walls erect. Well as we continue with more 2 x 4 photos; you are looking at (from top): you'll have to tilt your head, but this is the new stairway going up to the play room; master bathroom; master bedroom looking at the bathroom on the right and the double closet on the left/center; and the last is a shot of the great room/living room looking toward the garage and office (you can see the window).

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Inside Construction

Here you see lots of 2 x 4's that will soon be walls. I'll do my best to recall what these were and what they will be when complete. The top photo is of the kitchen; then the basement (which had a fireplace in it that didn't draft well at all and that will be a storage room with HVAC; next is a photo of the dining room bay window; followed by a photo of Noah's Room (on the right w/ window) and to the left is the pantry, you can also see the stairs going up, but none going down yet because those have to be cut first; and then the last photo is of the main bath looking through the girls closet.

Pink House

For a long time, we were known as the pink house. It seemed to never change. We thought that the siding should go on as soon as the pink happened, but I guess we don't know much about building. So our home remained pink until August!! This really wasn't funny. Because so many referred to our home as the "pink house" that no one thought any progress was happening. There was always something happening on the inside, you just couldn't see it from the outside. How sad it was that when we were expecting deliveries for the house we would tell the drivers to look for the pink house :-(

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Who gave us a GOAT??

Very early in the morning, someone (who is quite sneaky) chained and padlocked this cute goat to the entry gates at the feedlot! Derek was less than thrilled. He had to take the gates off the hinges to get in. Someone took a lot of time and money planning their prank because it happened before 6 am! The joke is on the joker because we sold it within 6 hours to a little cowboy that needed a pet goat! Haylee & Alexa thought it was cute (and it was). But the Sandman's don't do goats, just cattle.

Monday, October 8, 2007

House Construction Phase II

I'll call this phase II, but there are so many to this project. Here you are looking at the enclosing of the additions. As you can see, we were constantly fighting the weather. These photos are (from top): southside looking at master and garage and to the far right is what will be the girls room and main bath; just the addition; west side; just garage (looks like it is next to a lake); and finally the roof is near completion to meet up with the old (still next to the lake).

Sunday, October 7, 2007

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Alexa's 3rd Bday

More Initial Construction

Here are the photos of the trusses and the bits of the old addition coming down to reveal the new house. I remember the cold January day that the crane arrived it was a gorgeous morning and by noon it was snowing. The crane couldn't make it up the drive. By evening we had at least 6 inches on the ground. It is really amazing to look back at these now and see how far the house has come. The photos are from top: north side; up close of the old addition without the roof and about to come down; and 3 from the north.

Initial Construction

Once the foundation was set, the conractors began the decking and outer walls of the house. Photos from top are: looking at garage and office from the west; looking at master from the south; looking at south side of garage & master; decking on the north side of house which will be the kitchen & dining; and looking at the laundry & office from the north. We will eventually take off the old addition you see in the last photo to incorporate the new to the old.

Mud Fun

Just having fun in the mud after a huge rain.

House Foundation

Here are some photos of the foundation process. We hired Derek's cousins husband, Kent Gerih of Gerih Concrete to do the work. As you can see we are adding on quite a bit to the house. The photos are from top: northwest corner (to be office & laundry); west side (garage); another garage photo; and from the south (master).We will also add out to the front (north) of the house. And put on a kitchen and dining area too on the northeast corner. We will be taking off the old addition which was the old kitchen. Those who saw the house before couldn't imagine such a large kitchen, but it wasn't functional. So we were able to see through it and have a vision for our new home.