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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Drywall Construction

Finally it looks like there is progress when the rock goes up!! The girls had so much fun looking at the changes each day and loved that their room was nearing completion (a little closer anyway). A little story about their room; there was fire place in the basement and the previous owners added a huge (larger than a closet) space to the outside for a chimney and just decided to paint the window rather than taking it out and covering it with drywall. There was a tiny little pipe in there when the window broke during demolition. I was totally amazed at all the space. Well needless to say their chimney wasn't tall enough and the house would fill with smoke because of the lack of draw. So rather than take it off we incorporated it into the girls room as a sitting area. It really did give the room a neat look. You're looking at from top: The girls room; Haylee & Alexa standing in Noah's closet; the girls sitting area in their room with drywall needing to be cut and lots of insulation; the huge wall in the great room; & another photo of the great room looking towards the hallway to the laundry & office and Alexa is headed towards the garage.