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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Haylee turned 5!!!

Noah @ 6 Months w/ Sisters

Good Bye Kody

It was a bit of a sad day at the Sandman's on Wednesday, the 24th, because my dog of 10 years had to be put down. She was becoming more and more sick and doing things in the house that would make several of you vomit (so I won't share!!). But she wasn't the same old Kody she was just two years earlier. She was beginning to be so grumpy and growly that I didn't know who would be safe around her. After taking the girls to preschool, I came back home and loaded Kody for her final trip to the clinic (which was never her favorite anyway). And I was very strong, I didn't cry or sob; I just said good bye and we'll meet again someday. I did really well until on our way home from preschool: (this was the part that nearly broke my heart)
Alexa: How did Kody's visit go at the doctor's office?
Mom: Well, Kody is very sick and isn't going to get better.
Alexa: Did she die? (this is coming from a 3 year old!)
Mom: Yes, she did because she wasn't going to get better.
Haylee: (sobbing her eyes out!) I miss Kody and I want her back.
Mom: I miss Kody too, but she is in Heaven now and will be healthy and her playful self.
Alexa: (crying because her sister is) I miss Kody too!!
Mom: I promise that someday soon (a couple of years) we'll get another dog.
Haylee: I want a Ricki dog (this is a miniature daschund like my parents have)
Alexa: Me too.
Mom: Well, you'll have to tell Daddy about this and see what he says. (Derek doesn't like small dogs)

As you can imagine this have been the topic of the rest of the week. And if you'd like to read a great book, check out "Marley & Me". It is a great story about a neurotic dog and his life. It is full of ab hurting laughter.