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Friday, March 28, 2008

Having Fun

We enjoyed some fun in the cold sun and drew with sidewalk chalk. Noah had a great time trying to eat the dirt with his mittens!!

Oh MY!!

Holy CRAP!! A whole month has flown right past me and I haven't updated or posted a thing to our blog since the 1st of the month. What is my problem??? Oh yeah, I failed to mention that we had something every weekend in March and we all got ear infections AGAIN!! I think that we are doomed to never be well or escape these nasty infections. It was so miserable at the Sandman house that we didn't do a thing for a week. This is the first week that we were back among the living. I am praying that we stay this way for a few more months. I hope again that you all are staying healthy.

In addition to the sickness, Derek's class is to host the WP Alumni banquet this year and of course he hasn't helped get it off the ground so I have spent several days getting the letters ready, and have begun the organization of this ordeal. And I also recently created my P.E.O. chapter's yearbook with Word and ClickBook (way cool software to create brochures and planner pages and things of that nature).

And tonight we enjoyed a pancake supper at Rainbow Promise for Haylee and Alexa's preschool fundraiser. I flipped hundreds of hot cakes!! And the girls each performed a song of their choice for all of us to see.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Noah's Walking

YEA for Noah, he took his first steps on his own Wednesday, February 27th!! We were all so excited and cheered him on; he loved it. Now if he would just continue to walk on his own, but crawling is so much faster (I guess). And as many call it; the Frankenstein walk is the cutest ever. I will get some photos taken so that I can post too. But we couldn't let one more minute go by without sharing the news.

It is a new found freedom for him. I am also quite thrilled for him, but that means that he is growing up. It happens so quickly.